Executive and Leadership Coaching


open_to_changeLearn how to take your strategic vision and leadership power to the next level by leveraging awareness of neuroscience, wellbeing and the mind-brain-body connection, combined with insights from systems thinking, relationship theory, behavioral science and the latest business, leadership and resilience research.

Executive and leadership coaching can assist you to become a more effective leader by helping you see your blindspots and where you're operating from self-limiting strategies and beliefs and false or limiting assumptions and providing the resources and perspective to transform them into more empowering ones.

Create embodied and sustainable breakthroughs in how to lead with creativity and confidence as we navigate through these VUCA global themes of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity.  I will partner with you and offer a safe space and sounding board to explore and resolve issues, identify blindspots, strategise and innovate and help you uplevel your mindset, career, wellbeing and performance. 

Coaching can also promote the achievement of organisational outcomes and help to improve your organisation or team's wellbeing, resilience and performance. It assists during times of transition, supporting people with career management, career development and progression and helps to build more engaging relationships and enhanced productivity and performance at an individual and organisational level.

MindFlame's Approach

★ I work on the assumption that everyone is already naturally resourceful, creative and whole

MindFlame's unique approach to coaching focuses on uncovering each client's full potential, helping them to identify their strengths as well as blind spots. Through cultivating self-awareness, I help clients develop the ability to see from various perspectives, think outside the box, and lead teams towards collaboration, innovation and growth.

★ Learn how to access an optimal state of mind and use core emotional intelligence skills

I coach and mentor managers and teams to develop self-reflection and self-awareness, which helps you understand how to achieve a more resourceful, rather than reactive mind. This can lead to more engagement and productivity at work and beyond and also improves resilience and wellbeing.

★ Gain greater clarity and focus

Finding out what truly matters? And why does it matter? I help people to identify current and future goals, purpose and direction and any blocks, limits or inner/outer conflicts that may be in the way. I then help to identify what are the optimum strategies to move forwards, gain traction and actually make these things happen? This enables clients to achieve their desired goals and intentions in their careers, business, health, relationships and lives.

dreamstime_s_57269378★ Review mindset and beliefs

I have a VERY large 'toolkit' and 'medicine bag' of insights, resources and tools that really work to help you elevate your thinking and upgrade your beliefs of what's available and possible for you, your leadership and your team or organisation. My unique transformational framework, The MindFlame MethodTM, incorporates mindfulness, resilience, emotional intelligence, strengths coaching and NLP and findings from neuroscience, leadership development, positive psychology, behavioural science and the latest research on relationships and wellbeing. I blend these different approaches to identify any 'glitches' in the system (individual or collective) and encourage you to develop an inside-out' understanding of how we create our reality and live our life and ensure that there are the best possible conditions for growth, performance and thriving.

 ★ Create change and transformation from within

I help you to see how satisfaction, performance and wellbeing are usually most effective and lasting when created from within ourselves, rather than relying on lots of external factors. Having this insight and awareness enables management and teams to bring out the best in themselves and each other and helps senior staff to develop perspective and presence as a leader.

★ Lead with greater impact and influence

Leaders and Managers can lead with greater wisdom, awareness and compassion and build trust and rapport with employees. This develops greater impact and influence to create a supportive, productive and collaborative culture in your team or organisation.

team_coaching★ Facilitating transformation and change at an organisational, team or personal level

My approach aims to help you and your teams to gain awareness and clarity so that you can achieve your goals and develop greater understanding and mastery of your mind and emotions and become more resourceful in your responses to solving challenges and problems - to help you to thrive in life, work and business.

 ★ Flexible arrangements, based on client needs

Coaching and mentoring sessions are scheduled according to client requirements, typically they are fortnightly, monthly or more frequently if the need arises. Each coaching relationship is designed to achieve your desired outcomes and performance objectives. Executive and leadership coaching engagements usually last for a minimum of three months, and can be six months to a year in duration. Sessions can be delivered via Zoom/Skype, phone or in person.

Every client engagement is unique and tailored to the individual.  Typical areas of focus can include:

  • Leadership effectiveness and leadership development
  • Enhanced productivity and performance
  • Build your resilience and your team's resilience
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Building confidence and a positive/growth mindset
  • Career management and planning
  • Career transition and career progression
  • Preparing for a new next role
  • Managing relationships
  • Conflict resolution and collaborative working
  • Developing effective listening and communication skills
  • Developing an authentic leadership style
  • High potential women and feminine leadership
  • Work-life balance
  • Individual and workplace wellbeing
  • Project management and strategy

MindFlame's Transformational Coaching & Mentoring Packages

Content of each package is designed for your unique needs and can be a combination of Executive & Leadership, Career & Purpose Coaching and Transformational & Wellbeing Coaching

IGNITE - for bold breakthroughs
(3 months package)

3 months of powerful transformational coaching and mentoring based on your unique needs to help you get clarity, gain confidence, overcome your blocks and develop the strategy to move you forwards to achieve your goals.



ILLUMINATE - create next-level upgrades (3 - 6 months package)

3-6 months of powerful transformational coaching and mentoring to uplevel your inner and outer game, uncover and transcend your blindspots and optimise your strategies for success, wellbeing, fulfilment and thriving.



MASTERY - for ambitious transformations (6-9 months)

A 6-9 month deep dive coaching and mentoring journey.  In-depth, bespoke support to help you transcend your limits and uplevel all areas of your life, work and career. This program will enable you to make huge gains in your inner growth journey, as well as help you to achieve the external levels of success that you desire and deserve.

Transformational Leadership and Women's Leadership Training and Mentoring Programmes

Learn the keys to developing courage, confidence and authenticity as a leader - plus ways to improve impact, resilience and performance in your work, life and business.

Includes the latest research, insights and practical techniques from leadership development, positive psychology, behavioural science, neuroscience, NLP and strengths coaching.

Explore ways to incorporate mindfulness, energy management and transformational coaching practices into your life and work to help you to boost your resilience, balance and wellbeing and enjoy a successful and impactful career, whilst preventing burnout.

Learn more about emotional intelligence and what's required to build trust, integrity and rapport and create successful relationships and improved collaboration and communication with colleagues, clients and teams.

Why Work With Me?

I'm an experienced Consultant, Facilitator and Trainer, a multi-certified Career, Executive and Leadership Coach and Master Transformation and Self-Belief Coach. I have a background in Marketing, Travel, IT, Consultancy and Academia, combined with extensive academic and professional training credentials. This enables me to have insight, understanding and the broad perspective required to help with your individual, team or organisational issues.

My Executive, Career and Transformational Coaching and Mentoring packages use my unique methodology and transformational framework The MindFlame MethodTM where I use a systems-led approach to review the whole system and explore and uncover what is working well and to identify the root cause of challenges - rather than just dealing with surface-level solutions. I focus on helping you to gain clarity on your motivation and purpose (your 'inner flame'), as well as reviewing your 'inner game', looking at mindset, beliefs, patterns and programming.  I help you to heal and resolve any problems and challenges and achieve the results that you and your organisation desires. I am also a wellbeing expert and include this key aspect of considering what's required to enable you and your employees to thrive.

► With over 25 years experience of coaching, consulting, mentoring and training, I work with individuals and teams to help them to create inspiring goals, gain clarity and focus and produce tangible outcomes through an executive, leadership or team coaching relationship.

► I hold a Masters Degree (MSc) in Information Systems, a Degree in Business (BCom) and a Postgraduate Diploma in Careers Counselling and Guidance and I'm a Master NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and MBTI (Myers Briggs Personality Type) Practitioner. I'm an experienced and qualified Wellbeing Practitioner and Teacher and have over 30 years of in-depth personal and professional development experience. This enables me to work with my clients at a much deeper level, helping them attain and sustain a healthy mind-body connection and optimise thinking (cognitive), emotional and behaviour patterns and create more empowering and positive outcomes.

► I work with clients in all stages of their management or leadership career.  I can tailor a coaching programme to meet your specific needs, whether it be a one-off engagement, or a program over 3 to 6 months or longer.


"I loved working with Rosemary. She has a natural ability to connect and build strong connections and made me feel at ease.  From the very beginning of the first session, I felt safe and understood. Rosemary has a wealth of life experience and is able to relate to what's going on, and give feedback when needed. Her patience and curiosity allowed me to explore my beliefs and holdbacks, and then she gracefully led me to change them to more empowering ones. I can not recommend working with Rosemary enough!"


Joanna Fiminiska
NHS Operational Manager

“Rosemary is an extremely competent professional, she coached me during a period of transition during my professional life and her insight about career options and how to go about updating CVs and presentation skills was invaluable. Her extensive experience in career development and coaching is supported by her knowledge of techniques to improve wellbeing. In that respect, Rosemary has a unique set of skills that allows her to provide well rounded support to her clients not only professionally but at a personal level. I highly recommend Rosemary and my career progression was very much the result of her support and training.”


Patricia Holley
Manager of the Jean Goulding Institute for Data-Intensive Research, University of Bristol

"Rosemary delivers high quality training and has a passion and enthusiasm for her subject that really engages delegates. She puts in a high level of effort to make her training valuable and informative and will go to extra lengths to provide coaching clients with the support they need."
Laura Little, Learning and Development Manager, CABA - supporting ICAEW firms and members from the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales

Rosemary works with you to uncover your purpose, map out a plan and walks with you while you take action. When I felt stuck, confused and needed clarity, I came away with insight and inspiration and my head was overflowing with ideas and possibilities and a better idea of the way forwards. She helped to point me in the right direction and leaves you feeling more enthusiastic, uplifted and inspired."
Adam, IT Analyst

"Since working with Rosemary, I can honestly say I have changed my life.  My stress and anxiety has massively reduced and I now have new techniques to help me stay calm and focused and perceive and think differently.  She knows so much about the mind and body and brain and how they are all connected and explains things in a practical way that even an obsessive thinker like me could grasp. Her techniques really work. I no longer have racing thoughts and don't feel stuck anymore.  She helped me get out of survival mode and back into living and loving my life again. Her methods have had a really transformational impact on my life and wellbeing and I feel much calmer and happier - I'm now much more present in work and family life - plus I have tools to help me stay on track and no longer get derailed or overwhelmed when things happen now"
Paul, Partner, Legal Services Professional

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