IGNITE – 3 month coaching & mentoring package

3 months of powerful bespoke coaching and mentoring to help you get clarity, gain confidence, overcome your issues and challenges and develop the strategy to move you forwards to achieve your goals and get your needs met.

My approach is holistic and aims to help you gain key insights, awareness and the shifts required to create transformation at the deepest level, in order to create the greatest leverage, impact and results in your life. You can use the sessions to focus on any area where you'd like support in your personal or professional life - including work, business, career, relationships and wellbeing.

Typical benefits can include:

  Greater clarity and a clear sense of purpose and direction

  Feel inspired, reach your full potential and able to use your strengths and talents in what you do

✓  Fulfilled in your work, successful in business and enjoying your career

  Clear and resolve whatever has been keeping you stuck, stopped and limited

  Take aligned action and achieve your goals (at a personal, professional and organisational level)

  Stop self-sacrifice and people-pleasing - develop healthy boundaries and establish clear expectations and agreements

  Gain improved focus, productivity and performance - stress less and achieve more

  Enhance your wellbeing and create balance without burnout

 Experience greater levels of mental and emotional freedom, inner peace and contentment

✓ Create a strong inner foundation for living, loving and leading to create a fulfilling and satisfying life and career

  Navigate change and transitions with greater confidence, ease and resilience

  Overcome imposter syndrome own and claim your true worth and value and expand your capacity for receiving

  Increase your influence, impact and emotional courage - to lead with authority, integrity and conviction

✓  Transcend self-doubt and self-judgement - so that self-trust, self-belief and self-confidence become your new best friends and allies!

  Feel more authentic - enjoy and experience real connections and communication with your partner, family, friends, colleagues, clients and wider community


Included in this package is:

→ Self-discovery audit and self-reflection exercises to identify what's working well and what areas or issues you'd like to improve

→  Personalised strengths inventory using Gallup Talent finder and VIA Strengths Survey to help you identify your unique combination of core strengths and genius zone or 'sweetspot' where you'll create the biggest impact, contribution and personal meaning and fulfilment

→ 1 x 75 minute Discovery Session to uncover your current challenges, plus your core needs and desires.  We'll also explore your blindspots and the root cause of what's keeping you stuck, stopped and limited in life, work/career, relationships and any other areas where you'd like support.

→ 3 x 75 minute Transformational Coaching and Mentoring Sessions using my signature transformational framework, The MindFlame MethodTM to heal blocks, limits and negative beliefs and clear up any faulty inner programming and unresolved emotions that are continuing to cause issues, or sabotaging your success and access to thriving. I will also provide practical and reflection exercises to complete between sessions to deepen the process and support the integration of the insights gained.

→ 1 x 75 minute "Integrate" Session to develop the strategies, habits, environment and behavioural changes that will apply the learning and transformation into your life in the most powerful, pragmatic and sustainable way

→ 1 x personalised transformation recording (optional) using my unique neural repatterning technique - Neural ReimprintingTM which will help to rewire your subconscious mind and imprint it with new instructions for confidence, success and thriving and anchor new neural pathways and embed change and transformation on a deep level

Bespoke, tailored exercises, videos and reading to support coaching between sessions to accelerate and amplify your results and awareness

→  Email access to me for support throughout the programme

The IGNITE package will provide my 1:1 focus on your challenges and issues and my bespoke, customised support, guidance and solutions to optimise your wellbeing and success.  I'll draw upon my 30+ years of in-depth research, extensive training and substantial depth and breath of personal and professional experience (see my experience and credentials for further details). You'll benefit from the insights gained from my background helping thousands of clients resolve their challenges and achieve their goals and my own extensive lived experience of trialling and testing what truly works to create genuine and sustainable change and transformation. This underpins The MindFlame MethodTM and Neural ReimprintingTM, my signature transformational coaching and mentoring frameworks.

Feedback from happy clients

"I've seen a huge change in the way that I look at things through working with you.  It's given me power and perspective as you helped me to realise that I get to choose how I make meaning of life and situations and how to discern for the truth and what's in alignment for me.  This has created a sense of freedom and ease as I feel less stressed and more in flow and I'm much happier and more productive.  The insights gained were invaluable and the exercises you taught me I continue to use every day.  Thank you so very much for your warmth, support and encouragement and I greatly enjoyed our sessions and time together."
Michelle, Financial Director

"I started working with Rosemary in early 2021 as I transitioned from working as an employee to being self employed - we worked together for a number of months. Before working with Rosemary I was unclear about how I could take my ideas forward. Rosemary helped me to understand what was important to me - not just in my career but in the way I want to thrive going forward. She has a very skilful way of leading her coaching discussions and helping you come to realisations about yourself as a person but also supporting practical next steps. It was great working with tasks between sessions and then bringing them into the next session - this additional input really benefitted the work that we were doing.

Before working with Rosemary I felt daunted about setting up by myself but as we worked together I found myself become more excited and passionate about the business I am trying to build. I am still in the early days but find myself with more confidence and clarity on how I want to take things forward. I also feel that I have some really good tools to use to help me stay on track with my life vision and my values. I had never been coached before working with Rosemary and was unsure how it would work out but it has been a transformational experience for me. I would recommend Rosemary to anyone who is trying to work out their life goals and ways in which to apply them to your working life."
Fiona Young Priest, Charity Consultant

Next Steps

If you've decided this sounds exactly what you're looking for and feel ready to go ahead and book your package to start working with me - GREAT!  Well done for making this important decision to invest in yourself and get the coaching and mentoring support that you need to significantly transform and change your life.

If you are unsure which level of support you need and are interested in either the IGNITE, ILLUMINATE or MASTERY packages and / or would like to connect to establish if there's good rapport between us and explore if I am the right coach for you, then please schedule a free 30 minute clarity call with me.