Patty"Rosemary is an extremely competent professional, she coached me during a period of transition during my professional life and her insight about career options and how to go about updating CVs and presentation skills was invaluable. Her extensive experience in career development and coaching is supported by her knowledge of techniques to improve wellbeing. In that respect, Rosemary has a unique set of skills that allows her to provide well rounded support to her clients not only professionally but at a personal level. I highly recommend Rosemary and my career progression was very much the result of her support and training."
Patricia Holley, Manager of the Jean Goulding Institute for Data-Intensive Research, University of Bristol and Turing University Liaison Manager

"Rosemary delivers high quality training and has a passion and enthusiasm for her subject that really engages delegates. She puts in a high level of effort to make her training valuable and informative and will go to extra lengths to provide coaching clients with the support they need."
Laura Little, Learning and Development Manager, CABA - Chartered Accountants Benevolence Association, supporting ICAEW firms and members from the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales

"After several months of being unemployed I decided it was time to seek some professional assistance. I needed to boost my confidence and get my mojo back, with Rosemary's coaching skills and amazing support this has enabled me to get back in the workplace and secure a new role in no time at all. Rosemary's open and honest approach has helped me greatly and I would have no problem recommending Rosemary if you are also looking for that additional support and coaching during a difficult time."
Janet Hodson, Project Manager at Lloyds Banking Group

Christa"Rosemary is an incredibly skilled, warm and caring coach. Her ability to create a supportive space with which to explore and express whatever comes in sessions is phenomenal - she is absolutely a masterful coach and it has been such a pleasure to have her guide me in ways I would not have been able to otherwise access. I am so glad and blessed to have met and been able to work with Rosemary as my coach - I know I have learned so much and tapped into areas that needed to be heard, and the transformation that has come from that is absolutely life-changing! Thank you so, so much Rosemary - for your time, your caring and supportive energy and for all you've done and guided me through!"
Christa Norris, Transformational Coach and Owner of Shape Our World Consulting

"I worked with Rosemary to help me understand a difficult time in my personal development and to breakthrough resistance to things I wanted to learn and explore. She took time to go through many techniques with me and helped me through the barriers and gave me further mentoring, advice and support through my development journey. A very wise woman indeed."
Kath Griffin, Account Manager at HH Global

"Worked with Rosemary for over 14 years on a wide variety of projects relating to Careers Education and Guidance, personal development, staff development, and a range of activities designed to improve participants' well-being.

Rosemary is a dedicated trainer and practitioner and all her work that I have seen has been to the highest standard. I have no hesitation in writing this recommendation"
Brian Staines, Former Head of Careers Guidance, University of Bristol. Director of IBCM International Business College and Career Development Centre Expert Iraq at United Nations

"I loved working with Rosemary. She has a natural ability to connect and build strong connections and made me feel at ease.  From the very beginning of the first session, I felt safe and understood. Rosemary has a wealth of life experience and is able to relate to what's going on, and give feedback when needed. Her patience and curiosity allowed me to explore my beliefs and holdbacks, and then she gracefully led me to change them to more empowering ones. I can not recommend working with Rosemary enough!"
Joanna Fiminiska, NHS Operational Manager

"Rosemary helped me to gain confidence in writing applications and achieving success at interview.  She also provided with me with invaluable guidance and support to help me overcome a number of other challenges in my life too.  She offers great advice and a fresh perspective to help you see life differently and she encourages and supports you to approach things in a more empowered way."
Kate, Teaching Assistant and Textile Artist

"Rosemary was my Career Coach late last year for a period of time which coincided with the pandemic. She was excellent at helping me to identify what I needed to reignite my flame so that I was alert to future opportunities. I really enjoyed working with Rosemary and would thoroughly recommend her to anyone else who needs to find their inner career spark again."
Linda Allardyce, Regional Executive at ICAEW

"Rosemary works with you to uncover your purpose, map out a plan and walks with you while you take action. When I felt stuck, confused and needed clarity, I came away with insight and inspiration and my head was overflowing with ideas and possibilities and a better idea of the way forwards. She helped to point me in the right direction and leaves you feeling more enthusiastic, uplifted and inspired."
Adam, IT Analyst

"Coaching with Rosemary has helped me to feel more at peace.  My life feels more honest and satisfying. I was feeling burnt out and a bit isolated when we started to work together, but now I feel more connected - I have a sense of the bigger scheme of things and where I fit into that now.  I feel more content, I have more clarity and I'm now much more hopeful about my future.  I have the inner resources to help me move forwards now".
David, Architect

"I've seen a huge change in the way that I look at things through working with you.  It's given me power and perspective as you helped me to realise that I get to choose how I make meaning of life and situations and how to discern for the truth and what's in alignment for me.  This has created a sense of freedom and ease as I feel less stressed and more in flow and I'm much happier and more productive.  The insights gained were invaluable and the exercises you taught me I continue to use every day.  Thank you so very much for your warmth, support and encouragement and I greatly enjoyed our sessions and time together."
Michelle, Financial Director

"I wanted to make the move away from Academia and had no idea where to start or how to convey my experience to a commercial employer.  Rosemary gave me ideas, inspiration and loads of practical support, from how to present my CV and applications in a jargon-free way, to coaching me in how to perform well at interview.  With her help, I landed a great job in Statistical Research.  I was really impressed and I'm very very grateful for all her help and support."
Jenny, Research Manager, National Statistics Office

"Rosemary really knows her stuff and has so much life experience which is invaluable when you are working with her -  she offers insight, guidance, coaching and real expertise.  She can help you transform your career and your relationships and will encourage you to find more meaning, purpose and fulfilment in your life.  She 'meets' you wherever you are and sees and listens to what's going on and is great at helping you see your blind spots and make positive shifts. Very rewarding."
Caroline, Skype Coaching Client, California

"Many thanks for your time today and previously, I've always found our chats extremely useful thought-provoking and a great influence on the way I think and do things.  In particular I've appreciated advice based on your own experiences and your flexible approach: to someone brought up with perfectionism and to always avoid making mistakes that's been invaluable, to know I can try things that may not work and need modifying - many times.  It's also been very helpful to know you've been through some of the same circumstances so your tips seem even more valid.

Thank you so very much for all your inspirational help over the past few months, you've really made a big difference to my ability to deal with life! All best wishes and eternal gratitude...."
Jean, Accountant and Coaching Client

"I had been doing voluntary NGO work overseas and was trying to get a foothold back in the job market in the UK.  I worked with Rosemary and her advice, guidance and insight was invaluable in helping me secure a great job with a top consulting firm. She provided me with resources to help me research potential employers and taught me how to position all of my achievements and experience in a positive light and to market this to employers.  I ended up with a couple of good job offers and I'm now working for a great firm that is clearly aligned with my goals and values.  I'm so pleased I had the opportunity to work with Rosemary and can't thank her enough"  Anna, Consultant Engineer

"Working with Rosemary has brought a number of positive changes into my life. She is very knowledgeable about many aspects of life, such as wellbeing, relationships and careers and also helped me to explore my mind, body and spirit connection and understand how they are all inter-related and to find out what this really means for me. At the time we started working together, I was feeling overwhelmed and struggling to cope and she guided and encouraged me to love and embrace all parts of me.  She brings love, compassion and deep wisdom and insight to her work.  I feel more peaceful, happy and grounded as a result and more like the real me."  Sandra, Project Manager

"Firstly, thank you for a great session today and for your insights and advice both today and previously. You have made a big difference to my progress over the last year or so, and we’ve also had many a good chuckle. Your bubbly lively positive style really clicks with me and has been a great help to me on starting on my new path." Coaching Client

"I started working with Rosemary following a very difficult time when I was feeling overwhelmed by events, unable to see the way ahead and lacking confidence in my abilities. Rosemary used her extensive skills to help me draw on my strengths and to focus on both what I already had and on how I could shape my future. With regular coaching sessions Rosemary gave me the tools to help me move forward and I would not hesitate to recommend her for coaching. Thank you Rosemary"
Emma, Solicitor

"I wanted to say a massive thank you for the magic you worked making my CV look more than presentable. I hardly recognised myself when i read through it!
In life we can sell ourselves short when it comes to writing about ourselves in this format, but with your guidance I felt a great sense of pride when I first opened it."  Career Coaching Client

"Thank you for your guidance over the last few months. Your kind, warm nature, enthusiasm, patience and ability to really listen and understand my ideas however far-fetched was really appreciated. I am still working it all out but I value the perspective you brought." Emma, Financial Analyst

"I got advice from Rosemary when I was looking for some clarity in life and career direction. She was very empathetic and very quick to suggest a range of tools and exercises to help me to define my priorities and to explore options. I particularly appreciated that she was very skilled at finding the right balance between listening to what I was sharing and offering her own advice. I felt that she was able to offer me a good way to identify my main priorities going forward."
Alex, Senior Global Accountant

Feedback from Participants on various training courses developed and delivered by Rosemary. These include 'Boost Your Resilience', 'Motivational Leadership', 'Emotional Intelligence', 'Manage Your Career', 'Develop a Growth and Success Mindset' and various staff development and skills development courses designed and delivered by Rosemary.

These were on behalf of CABA (the wellbeing charity that supports the Institute of Accountants in England and Wales), the University of Bristol (to staff, students and graduates), Bristol City Council (Professional and Executive Job Seekers), the Institute of Physics and the London Alumni Group (professionals and alumni):

"Rosemary was absolutely fantastic with the level of detail of all lectures and constant use of anecdotes.  Thank you so much for this life-changing course!"

"Very insightful. Rosemary has excellent knowledge and experience. Superb!"

"Rosemary was positive, supportive and clearly demonstrates expertise and was very generous in terms of imparting her knowledge and experience to the group"

"Friendly, accessible, welcoming and often fun.  Communication was clear and objective and the breadth and depth of material was very positive.  Questions were well received and answered and having 1:1 access was particularly helpful and constructive and I was able to benefit from Rosemary's advice and wisdom. The whole course was very interesting and illuminating"

"Thanks so much for such an inspirational course."

"The workshop was excellent and very well presented with all the material and presentations varied and interesting. Rosemary speaks with knowledge and experience and warmth, bringing the course to life, making the whole experience valuable and useful"

"Rosemary has a lot of expertise and presented the course effectively and efficiently with some humour and the course was very enjoyable.  The self-reflection exercises were an amazing tool and provided me with powerful insights"

"Rosemary's advice on CVs, career anchors, self-reflection and interviews was extremely good and useful.  It was in-depth and practical, interactive and inclusive.  We were all invited to express feelings and contribute to discussions.  A heart-felt congratulations and thank you."

"I was hoping that the course would provide me with practical advice and know-how and it did exactly what it said on the tin and was geared towards my situation as a Professional looking for employment. Excellent delivery and highly recommended."