Inspirational and Transformational Leadership

Inspirational and Transformational Leadership and Leading with Impact

Learn the keys to developing courage, confidence and authenticity as a leader - plus ways to improve impact, resilience and performance in your work, life and business.

Includes the latest research, insights and practical techniques from leadership development, positive psychology, behavioural science, neuroscience, NLP and strengths coaching.

Learn how to apply this back into your real-life and workplace.  Follow-up support is available if required via coaching, guidance & mentoring to individuals & teams.

Explore ways to incorporate mindfulness, energy management and transformational coaching practices into your life and work to help you to boost your resilience and wellbeing. 

Designed with a mixture of practical and reflective exercises, group or 1:1 discussions and formal training to provide a highly engaging and interactive learning experience.

Learn more about emotional intelligence and what's required to build successful relationships and improved collaboration and communication with colleagues, clients and teams.

Highly adaptable format which can be delivered together over several days, as separate sessions or as individual workshops

Positive feedback thoughts from clients

The workshop was excellent and very well presented with all the material and presentations varied and interesting. Rosemary speaks with knowledge and experience and warmth, bringing the course to life, making the whole experience valuable and useful 

Friendly, accessible, welcoming and often fun.  Communication was clear and objective and the breadth and depth of material was very positive.  Questions were well received and answered. The whole course was very interesting and illuminating

Executive and Leadership Development and Women's Leadership Development.

Includes Training, Mentoring and Coaching Programmes, offered with a flexible structure, depending on participant needs and the time duration of each course or coaching package which will be agreed with client in advance.

Topics can include the following:

Purpose & Meaning

The importance of having a clear sense of purpose (the why behind what you do) to drive you forwards, sustain commitment & ensure that your work feels meaningful & engaging.

Mindset & State of Mind

The benefits of a growth mindset & how to optimise your state of mind to gain clarity, achieve your goals & access a calm & peaceful mind

Emotional Courage

Why it's essential to cultivate emotional courage for effective leadership (and practical ways to help you develop this).

Communication & Connection

How to build engagement, collaboration, commitment & trust to enable you to create enhanced relationships at work & in all areas of life.

Confidence & Competence

Tools & practices to help you to develop confidence and achieve 'mastery' in a way that is meaningful for you - plus 'confidence robbers' and how to overcome them.


Uncover your strengths & learn how to utilise these in your work & leadership to achieve maximum impact & performance.

Presence & Impact

The power of presence & how to establish this to become more self-assured (without being arrogant).

Enhance Your Wellbeing

The importance of a good work-life balance & practices to help you develop a calmer mind, increased satisfaction & enjoyment & a healthier lifestyle.

Productivity & Focus

How to minimise distractions & create more 'flow' in your life. How to get things done & accomplish more in less time & perform under pressure with an increased sense of grace & ease.


What is it & why do we need it in order to lead others effectively? Plus steps you can take to test this out & become bolder & braver in your interactions with others!

Emotional Intelligence

What is it, how you can develop it & why most successful leaders score highly in this area.

Resilience & Grit

How to thrive & survive in challenging times. Plus ways to become 'grittier' to sustain you when the going gets tough!

Leadership training

Executive and Leadership Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching and facilitating leaders, managers and teams to gain clarity, overcome challenges, achieve goals and improve wellbeing, resilience and performance. Helping to create engagement, improved relationships and enhance motivation and productivity at an individual and organisational level.

Each coaching package is bespoke and Executive Coaching can be combined with Career Coaching and Resilience and Wellbeing Coaching.

Leadership Training that delivers REAL results and lasting transformative change.

Let me help you to improve your mindset, productivity, relationships, wellbeing and personal and professional impact.

What my clients are saying...

From the very beginning of the first session, I felt safe and understood. Rosemary has a wealth of life experience and is able to relate to what's going on, and give feedback when needed. Her patience and curiosity allowed me to explore my beliefs and holdbacks, and then she gracefully led me to change them to more empowering ones. I cannot recommend working with Rosemary enough!

Rosemary works with you to uncover your purpose, map out a plan and walks with you while you take action. When I felt stuck, confused and needed clarity, I came away with insight and inspiration and my head was overflowing with ideas and possibilities and a better idea of the way forwards. She helped to point me in the right direction and leaves you feeling more enthusiastic, uplifted and inspired.

The course was interactive and engaging and we were all invited to contribute to the discussions and share the benefits of our own experience. The range of topics and depth of information covered was informative and interesting and each aspect designed to be applied back to real-life situations that managers and leaders face.

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