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Supporting professionals, executives and leaders, plus organisations and teams to stop struggling and surviving and start THRIVING

  Are you a professional who is looking for guidance and inspiration about the next step of your career, or support with securing that next-level position?

  Would you, or your employees like to feel happier, calmer or more successful in life, career and business - but feel stuck, stopped or limited and you're not sure WHY or WHAT to do about it?

  Do you want support to get beyond self-doubt, self-judgement and self-sabotage and don't know WHY you keep getting in your own way?

  Have you lost your spark and feel that something is missing?

 Or are you feeling burnt out, anxious and overwhelmed and not sure how to recover your energy and get your life back on track?

  Does your life and work sometimes feel like a hamster wheel or 'not so merry-go-round' and you yearn for 'MORE'?

  Are you secretly struggling, striving and surviving - and trying to 'figure everything out' - on your own?

If any of this sounds like you, WELCOME!

You're in the right place.

You don't have to go it alone anymore.

My bespoke Coaching, Mentoring and Training empowers and supports individuals and organisations to get beyond surviving, coping and striving and learn how to THRIVE, live your purpose and create genuine success on your terms. I specialise in helping professionals, executives, leaders and business owners to fast-track their journey to success, wellbeing and thriving in ALL areas of your life and career.

Support for Individuals

Career, wellbeing, resilience and transformational coaching and mentoring. Get beyond your blocks and develop the mindset, awareness, strategies and support to elevate ALL areas of your life and career

Employers & Organisations

Practical, innovative and inspirational coaching, mentoring and training to support your leaders and employees to reduce stress and thrive in their mindset, resilience, career and wellbeing

Leaders, Executives & Owners

Executive, leadership & career coaching and training. Offering a safe space and sounding board to explore and resolve issues, identify blindspots, strategise & innovate and uplevel mindset, career, wellbeing and performance

Key Areas of Specialism:

♦ Career, passion and purpose

♦ Mindset, success and performance

♦ Managing change and transitions

♦ Confidence and clarity

♦ Resilience, stress, trauma and burnout

♦ Mental, emotional, energetic, spiritual & physical WELLBEING

♦ Transformational leadership & empowered feminine leadership

→  Transcend self-doubt, self-judgement and self-sabotage and cultivate authentic self-worth, self-trust and self-belief

  Discover what energises you and lights you up to fulfil your purpose and create real, embodied satisfaction and wellbeing in your life and career

  Learn how to HACK YOUR BRAIN, build and strengthen your relationships, avoid burnout and REDUCE THE STRESS in your life and learn how to recognise, heal and regulate your emotional states to create inner peace, power and freedom

Hello, I'm Rosemary Lowe...

Mindset, resilience, wellbeing and careers expert and Master Transformation and Self-Belief Coach for professionals, executives and leaders, plus organisations and teams who want to achieve 

Mind + Emotional + Life + Career Mastery


♦ Multi-certified Career, Executive and Leadership Coach
♦ Master Transformation, Self-Belief & Mental Fitness Coach
♦ Mind, Emotions and Energy Psychology Expert
♦ Experienced NLP, Embodiment and Wellbeing Practitioner
♦ Career & Leadership Professional for 25+ years

Over the past three decades I've researched, trained in and worked with career development, wellbeing, resilience, systems thinking and human behaviour, potential and performance.

I've delved deep into studying the psychology of success and transformation, working with thousands of clients, groups and teams, coaching and mentoring them to overcome their struggles and challenges and achieve their desired goals in both life and career.

My work is underpinned by The MindFlame MethodTM, my unique multi-dimensional approach that blends principles from neuroscience and psychology with an understanding of how the mind-brain-body and energy systems interact together to create optimal health and wellbeing.

The method also focuses on human needs and how to create connection, meaning and purpose, including a great career and relationships. You'll learn what's required to thrive and flourish - and how to correct and heal any blocks and imbalances.

Here's what I know - our 'mindset' is crucial, yet TRUE success and transformation involves much more!


Human beings are complex and we're the sum of many parts - we're far more than just our conscious mind and our thoughts, beliefs and 'stories'!

Through my research and work with thousands of clients, I've found that our measures for wellbeing and success are often based on struggling and striving and they either don't work, or fail to create satisfaction and fulfillment.



We also have blindspots and inner 'survival programming' that keep us limited or stuck in patterns of self-doubt, self-judgement and self-sabotage.


Throughout your life, you've probably been trained to live 'inside of your head' and relied on logic and analysis to resolve your problems and challenges.

Much of your self-worth and self-identity may have been gained from external measures of success and the approval, praise and accomplishments that have come from having a strong intellect and proficient mind.

Yet this often means you resist asking for help. You feel that you SHOULD be able to 'figure everything out' by yourself.

This leads to mental gymnastics, trying to unravel and resolve these inner tangles, whilst continuing to experience the same or similar disappointing or unhelpful patterns on repeat mode in your life and career. Which can leave you feeling stuck, confused or unhappy and going around in circles.

Maybe you keep getting in your own way - or even feel there's something 'wrong' with you that you can't resolve your inner issues or understand what's going on inside of your own mind!


Helping you gain clarity and work out your knots, problems, inner confusion and 'sticky' hard-to-resolve challenges is my genius zone.

My superpower is enabling people to build confidence in themselves and helping you to feel lit up, inspired and empowered and ready and motivated to take aligned action!


I'll help you to discover true root causes and inner blocks that are keeping you stuck, stopped and limited. We can't resolve what we're not aware of or don't understand - yet it's like when you're a fish swimming in the goldfish bowl - you can't fully see your own blindspots as you're still 'in the water' WITH your issues.

I'll assist you to unravel those tangles and get clear on exactly what's going on - plus enable you to gain the optimum strategies and paradigm shifts to help you finally liberate yourself and achieve true success on your terms - in both LIFE and CAREER.

You'll also gain inner peace, fulfilment and freedom as you'll free up mental and emotional space, replace those old limiting defaults with new healthy habits and choices and enjoy experimenting with new ways of living, working, creating and relating from a more grounded, contented and aligned state of being.


In the wise words of Albert Einstein:

"We can't solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them"

Using my proven framework, The MindFlame MethodTM, I now coach and teach professionals, executives and leaders to transcend their blocks and limits and move beyond cycles of burnout, guilt, and feeling disempowered and overwhelmed, to navigating their lives and careers with confidence and calm and feeling more focused, fulfilled and in control.

My background includes 30+ years of business, leadership, career development, wellbeing, mindset, neuroscience, positive and developmental psychology and emotional, psychological and physical healing to discover what REALLY enables true and lasting change to occur.

My focus is on both your inner flame - finding out what motivates and inspires you (lights you up) and also your inner game (your mindset, patterns, programming and beliefs and the optimum conditions required for you to flourish) - as well as the external factors that are crucial for achieving confidence and success at a personal and professional level.

★ Uplevelling your ‘inner' as well as your 'outer' game is what will make the BIGGEST difference

All of my work is trauma-informed and aims to uncover and resolve the core root cause of your challenges, rather than just addressing surface-level symptoms. I use an empowering and practical blend of logic, intuition and evidence-based insights, techniques and exercises.

  My approach uses a unique mix of expert coaching, mentoring and training to help you achieve that next level of career success or to uncover your fears, blocks and blindspots to see what is REALLY keeping you stuck, stopped or limited

  I'll support you to overcome self-doubt and self-sabotage, befriend your inner critic and inner imposter and heal and restore your inner connection so you come back home to your SELF.

  You'll transform your self-identity and upgrade your self-concept of what's possible and available for you in life and work and prime your mind and inner programming for success and thriving.

  Develop resilience and manage stress using mind-body based practices to release inner tension and trapped emotions, rebalance your nervous system and recalibrate your energy. You'll feel much happier, stronger, enjoy inner peace, live and perform better and achieve success without burnout and create sustainable wellbeing.

Real change and true success is created from the inside-out



My pioneering coaching, training and mentoring methodology, The MindFlame MethodTM is an integrated transformational framework. It reviews the whole system - whether at an individual, or team and organisational level, to uncover and resolve the root cause of each issue, as well as identifying what IS working well.

This approach offers paradigm-shifting insights and enables you to breakthrough blocks and limits, fast-track success and rapidly get the desired results and outcomes that you want in your life, work and business.


∗ Change often won't stick if we just focus on 'mindset' - it's crucial to understand environment, background context, personal history, social connections and influences and mind-body aspects - as most issues and problems have a strong emotional, energetic and behavioural component.

This expert method reviews and addresses your whole system (individual and collective) and aims to create LASTING transformation on all levels - mind, emotions, behaviour and helps you to achieve real, EMBODIED wellbeing.


The MindFlame MethodTM brings together more than 30 years of expertise where I've trialled, tested and 'figured out' all of the missing pieces of the puzzle -
so that you don't have to!

My expert guidance and laser-focused coaching, mentoring and training will help to save you years of lost time, energy, money, missed life and work opportunities and disappointing results and performance and rapidly fast-track your journey to SUCCESS and THRIVING!

Key benefits can include:

Clarity, Confidence and Mindset

Greater clarity and a clear sense of purpose and direction

  Feel inspired, reach your full potential and able to use your strengths and talents in what you do

✓  Clear and resolve whatever has been keeping you stuck, stopped and limited

✓  Navigate change and transitions with greater confidence, ease and resilience

✓  Overcome imposter syndrome - own and claim your true worth and value and expand your capacity for receiving

  Increase your influence, impact and emotional courage - to lead with authority, integrity and conviction

 Transcend self-doubt, self-sabotage and self-judgement - so that self-trust, self-belief and self-confidence become your new best friends and allies!

Career, Productivity and Purpose

  Feel fulfilled in your work, successful in business and enjoying your career

  Create a strong personal brand and clear positioning of your skills, strengths and experience

  Develop a strategic plan to identify and map out desired outcomes for your career or business  

  Take aligned action and achieve your goals (at a personal, professional and organisational level)

  Gain improved focus and flow plus increased  productivity and performance - stress less and achieve more

Wellbeing, Inner Peace and Presence

  Stop self-sacrifice and people-pleasing - develop healthy boundaries and establish clear expectations and agreements

✓  Enhance your wellbeing and create balance without burnout

✓  Learn to regulate your emotions, overcome your challenges, tone down overthinking and feel more joy and ease

✓  Experience greater levels of mental and emotional freedom, inner peace and contentment

 Develop resilience and learn embodiment and self-compassion practices to protect and nourish your nervous system, and enjoy greater levels of health and wellbeing

Create a strong inner foundation for living, loving and leading to create a fulfilling and satisfying life and career

✓  Feel more authentic - enjoy and experience real connections and communication with your partner, family, friends, colleagues, clients and wider community


High Impact Training

Develop the skills and talents of leaders and employees through training and facilitation that's engaging and relevant to real life and work.

Includes a powerful blend of practical exercises, insights-based coaching and training based on:

- Resilience & leadership
- Career, purpose & strengths coaching
- Wellbeing, NLP and relationship research
- Positive and developmental psychology
- Neuroscience & neurobiology

Creating interactive, enjoyable and informative learning experiences, using a trauma-informed approach

Masterclasses, Workshops and Courses

I offer expert workshops, masterclasses and courses on these topics:

- Mastering Resilience
- Resilience & Leadership
- Wellbeing & Balance without Burnout
- Optimise your Mindset to fulfil your potential
- Growth & Success Mindset
- Career Mapping & Taking Charge of your Career
- Women's Leadership & Transformational Leadership

These can be adapted to suit your specific needs.

See Training & Development

"Don't ask what the world needs.  Ask what makes you come alive, and go and do it.  Because what the world needs is people who have come alive."   – Howard Thurman

Interested? Ready to find out more?

Coaching Services

Career, wellbeing, resilience and transformational coaching and mentoring. Get beyond your blocks and develop the mindset, awareness, strategies and support to elevate ALL areas of your life and career

Training & Development

Practical, innovative and inspirational coaching and training to support your leaders and employees to manage stress and thrive in their mindset, resilience, career and wellbeing

Leadership Support

Executive, leadership & career coaching and training. Offering a safe space and sounding board to explore and resolve issues, identify blindspots, strategise & innovate and uplevel mindset, career, wellbeing and performance

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Organisations worked with include:


Happy clients

"Rosemary is an extremely competent professional, she coached me during a period of transition during my professional life and her insight about career options and how to go about updating CVs and presentation skills was invaluable. Her extensive experience in career development and coaching is supported by her knowledge of techniques to improve wellbeing. In that respect, Rosemary has a unique set of skills that allows her to provide well rounded support to her clients not only professionally but at a personal level. I highly recommend Rosemary and my career progression was very much the result of her support and training."

Patricia Holley, Manager of the Jean Goulding Institute for Data-Intensive Research, University of Bristol and Turing University Liaison Manager


"Rosemary delivers high quality training and has a passion and enthusiasm for her subject that really engages delegates. She puts in a high level of effort to make her training valuable and informative and will go to extra lengths to provide coaching clients with the support they need."

Laura Little, Learning and Development Manager, CABA - supporting ICAEW firms and members from the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales

"I loved working with Rosemary. She has a natural ability to connect and build strong connections and made me feel at ease.  From the very beginning of the first session, I felt safe and understood. Rosemary has a wealth of life experience and is able to relate to what's going on, and give feedback when needed. Her patience and curiosity allowed me to explore my beliefs and holdbacks, and then she gracefully led me to change them to more empowering ones. I can not recommend working with Rosemary enough!"

Joanna Fiminiska, NHS Operational Manager

"Before working with Rosemary I felt daunted about setting up by myself but as we worked together I found myself become more excited and passionate about the business I am trying to build. I am still in the early days but find myself with more confidence and clarity on how I want to take things forward. I also feel that I have some really good tools to use to help me stay on track with my life vision and my values. I had never been coached before working with Rosemary and was unsure how it would work out but it has been a transformational experience for me. I would recommend Rosemary to anyone who is trying to work out their life goals and ways in which to apply them to your working life"

Fiona Young Priest, Charity Consultant

"Since working with Rosemary, I can honestly say I have changed my life.  My stress and anxiety has massively reduced and I now have new techniques to help me stay calm and focused and perceive and think differently.  She knows so much about the mind and body and brain and how they are all connected and explains things in a practical way that even an obsessive thinker like me could grasp. Her techniques really work. I no longer have racing thoughts and don't feel stuck anymore.  She helped me get out of survival mode and back into living and loving my life again. Her methods have had a really transformational impact on my life and wellbeing and I feel much calmer and happier - I'm now much more present in work and family life - plus I have tools to help me stay on track and no longer get derailed or overwhelmed when things happen now"

Paul, Partner, Legal Services Professional