MASTERY – 6-9 months deep dive transformational coaching & mentoring package

This is not just a 'standard' executive, professional or transformational coaching package.  It's been designed as a 6-9 month deep dive coaching and mentoring journey to help you achieve your most ambitious levels of transformational breakthroughs.

You'll receive in-depth, bespoke support to help you transcend your limits and uplevel all areas of your life, work and career. This program will enable you to make huge gains in your awareness and inner growth journey, as well as help you to achieve the external levels of success that you desire and deserve.

We'll agree the areas that you want to focus on, which can include career and professional success, as well as life, personal growth, relationships and wellbeing.  My approach is holistic and focuses on helping you gain powerful insights and paradigm shifts at the deepest level to create transformative and sustainable change - and also make the process as enjoyable as possible.

→ During our work together you'll discover the real reason behind the challenges and symptoms that you're experiencing in your life right now and also learn and apply powerful techniques and strategies to help you clarify and achieve your goals and create meaningful and genuine success on your terms.

I'll help you to uncover and resolve the root cause of your issues such as procrastination, lack of willpower or confidence, self-doubt, self-judgement or self-sabotage - or are you experiencing anxiety, feeling 'not enough', feeling flat, lacklustre and unmotivated or dealing with toxic relationships, to name a few.

→ Maybe you're trying to overcome a big setback, disappointment or failure, or you're facing a significant life or career transition and feeling anxious and overwhelmed.

→ Or are you feeling burnt out, overstretched and depleted and tired of trying to figure everything out on your own? Rest assured, with my expert guidance, mentoring and coaching support, you don't have to go it 'alone' anymore!

→ I'll create a safe space for you to share what you're grappling with and use my expertise to quickly hone in on the real issues to get you the insights and support you need.

→ It's a collaborative partnership where I'll be in your corner, championing you to help you see and overcome your blindspots, heal and resolve the core issues, find workable and pragmatic solutions and achieve powerful and transformational results.

→ My focus is mainly to help you resolve issues at source, rather than keeping you continually fire-fighting and my aim is to help you finally get off the hamster wheel and set your life up for flourishing and thriving, rather than feeling stagnant and stuck or constantly struggling, striving and surviving!

Typical benefits can include:

Clarity, Confidence and Mindset

 Greater clarity and a clear sense of purpose and direction

  Feel inspired, reach your full potential and able to use your strengths and talents in what you do

✓  Clear and resolve whatever has been keeping you stuck, stopped and limited

✓  Navigate change and transitions with greater confidence, ease and resilience

✓  Overcome imposter syndrome own and claim your true worth and value and expand your capacity for receiving

  Increase your influence, impact and emotional courage - to lead with authority, integrity and conviction

✓  Transcend self-doubt and self-judgement - so that self-trust, self-belief and self-confidence become your new best friends and allies!

Career, Productivity and Purpose

✓  Feel fulfilled in your work, successful in business and enjoying your career

✓  Create a strong personal brand and clear positioning of your skills, strengths and experience

✓  Develop a strategic plan to identify and map out desired outcomes for your career or business  

  Take aligned action and achieve your goals (at a personal, professional and organisational level)

✓  Gain improved focus and flow and increased  productivity and performance - stress less and achieve more

Wellbeing, Inner Peace and Presence

✓  Stop self-sacrifice and people-pleasing - develop healthy boundaries and establish clear expectations and agreements

✓  Enhance your wellbeing and create balance without burnout

✓ Experience greater levels of mental and emotional freedom, inner peace and contentment

✓ Create a strong inner foundation for living, loving and leading to create a fulfilling and satisfying life and career

✓  Feel more authentic - enjoy and experience real connections and communication with your partner, family, friends, colleagues, clients and wider community

Included in this package is...


✓   Self-discovery and self-reflection exercises to identify what's working well and what areas or issues you'd like to improve.

✓   Personalised strengths inventory
using Gallup Talent finder and VIA Strengths Survey to help you identify your unique combination of core strengths and 'sweetspot' where you'll create the biggest impact, contribution and achieve personal meaning, satisfaction and fulfilment.

✓   Expert profiling systems - I'll also suggest the use of other profiling approaches that I'm trained in such as MBTI, Sparktypes, Enneagram and the Gene Keys. These will provide you with detailed insight and clarity of how you are uniquely 'designed' and explore your optimum style of functioning and thriving - in life, career and in your relationships with other people. The Gene Keys allow you to explore an archetypical, deeply insightful growth path to fulfilling your prime gifts and unique potential across your whole life and career and we can use these powerful insights to underpin, guide and transform your coaching journey.

✓  Training in advanced cutting-edge techniques that provide clarity, focus and enhanced wellbeing - these include Positive Intelligence (PQ), which helps you understand and then tame your inner 'judge' and internal 'saboteurs' and learn how to develop and stay anchored in your wise inner 'sage' brain.

✓  You'll also learn orienting and spatial referencing, which is one of the most powerful ways to elevate your ability to live in the present moment, remain focused and develop high levels of mental and emotional health and wellbeing.  I'll teach you fast and rapid hacks to stay regulated and responsive when faced with challenging or stressful situations and techniques such as focused breathing and emotional freedom technique (EFT) to quickly discharge stress, regain emotional and mental balance and stay embodied and resourced to handle any challenges that you encounter.

✓   1 x 2 hour initial Discovery Session to explore your current situation and uncover your challenges, core needs and blindspots and start to explore the root causes of what's keeping you stuck, stopped and limited or frustrated in your life and career.

✓   8 x 90 minute Transformational Coaching and Mentoring Sessions using my signature transformational framework, The MindFlame MethodTM to heal your blocks, limits and negative beliefs and clear up any faulty inner programming and unresolved emotions that are continuing to cause issues, or sabotaging your success and access to thriving. Plus you'll gain the invaluable resources and strategies to move forwards to achieve your goals. I will also provide practical and reflection exercises to complete between sessions to deepen the process and support the integration of the insights gained.


 1 x 2 hour Game Changer 'Breakthrough' Session

We've all experienced disappointing or distressing experiences over the course of our lives.  The impact of these experiences will vary for each individual, depending upon our understanding, awareness and the support and guidance we received to help us process or move through these experiences in an empowered way.  Sometimes we don't have access to healthy or safe support, or don't have the awareness or understanding to make sense of what occurred (especially in childhood or adolescence).  Often we have to suppress our feelings and just 'deal' with what happened - but the trapped emotions and confusion around the original incident stay stuck inside of us.

Our mind makes meaning of these events, often misinterpreting what happened, to make it mean that we were wrong, guilty, unsafe, inferior or not 'good enough' in some way.  Although we 'survived' these incidents or experiences, our mind and body registered them as distressing and painful so we then develop perspectives, patterns of behaviour and coping strategies in order to avoid ever having to experience something similar - as we want to avoid at all costs feeling the emotional pain and distress or inner turmoil like we did in those original incidents.

This may be (and often is!) entirely unconscious and below your level of everyday awareness - especially for situations that occurred in infancy, childhood or adolescence.  Your conscious mind may even have blocked out awareness or numbed out and disassociated in order to survive - yet then you get stuck in survival states or 'survival programming' and live your life through this 'keyhole' perception of reality - which like a kink in the hose, will create ongoing issues in your life, rather than allowing your energy and creativity to flow freely, without any blocks or obstructions.

Other people may see us as competent, accomplished, strong and capable - yet they don't see or experience our inner world like we do.  We all have these perceptual filters that inform and create our version of 'reality' - and often those earlier influences can create limits, blindspots or blocks that are continuing to impact our life in obstructive, damaging or less than helpful ways.

This powerful breakthrough session will help you to identify, heal and resolve the most significant earliest reference point or emotional wound where your limiting patterns and insecure or 'false' sense of self was created.

It's important to understand that your 'true self' was never broken or damaged - you probably are a strong and capable person, yet may still have this troubled 'part' or younger aspect within you that is creating resistance or still trying to resolve that earlier upset or situation that was suppressed - as it wasn't safe or you didn't have the resources to deal with it at the time.

It may have been something big and traumatic that you experienced - or maybe a small, 'everyday' incident - yet it likely had a powerful impact on you as whatever happened caught you by surprise and you weren't resourced or prepared for it so it felt difficult, painful or upsetting.

You might have had to suppress your emotions at the time or had no one to help you navigate through and safely process what happened.  So your mind has made up interpretations and personal rules to live by in order to avoid anything like that happening again and from that day onwards, this version of you, living by that 'story' has been running in the background of your mind, LIKE AN OPEN LOOP.

This version of 'self' isn't the real you - it's the version of you that was created for protection in order to help you cope and survive life. We often didn't have an accurate understanding or awareness of what was happening at the time this event occurred and made false interpretations and meanings about ourselves, life and others as a result of what happened.

We then form our own personal 'operating code' of how life IS and how we need to BE and ACT in order to survive it, based on this skewed perception, as we are now living through this distorted keyhole of perception, rather than as our secure, empowered self, which is who we would have been, without this incident or wound occurring.

⇒ When we're operating from this wounded, displaced or insecure sense of self our perception is distorted which means we'll keep experiencing the same disappointments, challenges and unhelpful looping patterns - our natural 'carefree' nature and inner 'code' has become corrupted or knocked off balance and so life often feels a lot harder than it needs to be.

I'll help you uncover the root issue and understand what happened and why you sometimes (or often!) feel frustrated with yourself and life and can't understand WHY you behave the way you do in certain situations.  Once you get clarity, I'll help you clear the suppressed emotions surrounding the original incident so you can finally 'CLOSE THE LOOP'!- and liberate your mind to let go as it doesn't need to keep seeking a solution to the original issue. I'll also teach you the importance of spatial referencing to ensure that you anchor your awareness in present space-time reality, which is crucial for helping you live your life in the present moment, rather than it staying stuck in survival programming as a result of challenges that occurred in the past.

Understanding WHY you've lived and operated your life in this way gives you HUGE self-awareness and can dramatically help you release the 'glitches' and errors in your inner programming that are keeping you stuck in survival states.

★  This session is a GAME CHANGER and gives you a renewed and true sense of self and inner peace as it helps you to understand yourself better and to release many of the heavy baggage and burdens that you've been carrying - often since childhood!

During the course of our sessions I'll help you integrate the insights gained so that you can life your life in a more open and expansive way, now that this distorted inner 'survival programming' is no longer running the show.


✓   "Integrate and implement"
- Throughout the coaching and mentoring sessions there will be a key focus on practical application and integration to develop the strategies, habits, environment and behavioural changes that will apply the learning and transformation into your life in the most powerful, pragmatic and sustainable way.

✓   Meditation and transformation recordings (optional) using my unique neural repatterning technique - Neural ReimprintingTM to help promote relaxation and support your subconscious mind by priming it to rewire for success and thriving, plus help it to anchor new neural pathways and embed change and transformation on a deep level.

⇒  The recordings are optional and they support the coaching work and help to reprogram your mind to anticipate and receive greater levels of wellbeing and abundance and assist your brain to let go of negative thought patterns of stress, worry, fears and overwhelm.  They'll also support you in developing self-trust, self-belief and help reset your default emotional state to achieve more inner peace, balance and calm.

✓   Access to signature mind-body and neural repatterning exercises to help you create calm, balance and inner peace, regulate and soothe your nervous system and help to optimise your physiology for wellbeing and thriving.

⇒ Learn exercises and techniques to quickly calm and soothe and help you regain your centre whenever you feel stressed or overwhelmed - so that you can stay in your power and respond, rather than react to life. Understanding how to REGULATE your emotions and keep your nervous system in balance is crucial for optimal health and wellbeing and helps to heal trauma and avoid stress and burnout.

✓   Bespoke, tailored exercises, videos and reading to support coaching between sessions to accelerate and amplify your results and awareness.

⇒ These will include a range of self-reflection and journalling prompts to help you identify what has created your experience of life and the patterns and programming that you operate and live by - and resources to help you reframe and change any limiting beliefs and patterns to more empowering ones.  Depending on the themes covered in our work together, I'll also recommend books, articles, videos and other resources to support you in gaining powerful insights, awareness and transformation.

✓   Access to additional masterclasses as these are released. Topics include Balance without Burnout (developing resilience and overcoming overwhelm and burnout), Stress Less Achieve More (optimise your focus and productivity) and Master Your Mindset.

The MASTERY deep dive package
will provide my 1:1 focus on your challenges and issues and my bespoke, customised support, guidance and solutions to optimise your wellbeing and success.  I'll draw upon 30+ years of in-depth research, extensive training and substantial depth and breath of personal and professional experience (see my experience and credentials for further details). You'll benefit from the insights gained from my background helping thousands of clients resolve their challenges and achieve their goals and my own extensive lived experience of trialling and testing what truly works to create genuine and sustainable change and transformation. This underpins The MindFlame MethodTM and Neural ReimprintingTM, my signature transformational coaching and mentoring frameworks.

The investment for this programme reflects the level of transformational results that you are likely to achieve during the course of our work together. You'll benefit from my multidisciplinary approach and the unique perspective that I can offer, which combines the best of techniques and approaches that I know really work. I've designed this package to help you gain insight, clarity and awareness AND also with a practical, pragmatic focus to apply this in real life to give you rapid results.

You'll accelerate your success journey and end the struggle / striving cycle and ensure you don't miss out unnecessarily on years of disappointing outcomes or missed opportunities that keep you feeling confused, stagnant, stuck or limited. Through your Mastery journey, you get to create the authentic life, career and relationships that you want - with the expertise and support of a trusted and experienced guide and coach who will ask you the challenging questions, help you see your blindspots and gain deep self-awareness and true clarity. I'll then assist you to map out clear pathways and strategies, empower and inspire you to take aligned action and celebrate your wins as you reach each milestone and achieve your desired outcomes.

Feedback from happy clients

"I loved working with Rosemary. She has a natural ability to connect and build strong connections and made me feel at ease.  From the very beginning of the first session, I felt safe and understood. Rosemary has a wealth of life experience and is able to relate to what's going on, and give feedback when needed. Her patience and curiosity allowed me to explore my beliefs and holdbacks, and then she gracefully led me to change them to more empowering ones. I can not recommend working with Rosemary enough!"

Joanna Fiminiska, NHS Operational Manager

"Since working with Rosemary, I can honestly say I have changed my life.  My stress and anxiety has massively reduced and I now have new techniques to help me stay calm and focused and perceive and think differently.  She knows so much about the mind and body and brain and how they are all connected and explains things in a practical way that even an obsessive thinker like me could grasp. Her techniques really work. I no longer have racing thoughts and don't feel stuck anymore.  She helped me get out of survival mode and back into living and loving my life again. Her methods have had a really transformational impact on my life and wellbeing and I feel much calmer and happier - I'm now much more present in work and family life - plus I have tools to help me stay on track and no longer get derailed or overwhelmed when things happen now"
Paul, Partner, Legal Services Professional

Next Steps

If this sounds exactly what you're looking for and feel ready to go ahead and book your package to start working with me - GREAT!  Well done for making this important decision to invest in yourself and get the coaching and mentoring support that you need to significantly transform and change your life.

If you're interested in the MASTERY package and would like to ask further questions and connect to establish if there's good rapport between us and explore if I am the right coach for you, then please schedule a free 30-45 minute clarity call with me.