Coaching – Overview & Packages

MindFlame can offer comprehensive support to meet all of your coaching and mentoring needs.

Whether you're an individual looking for professional or personal coaching, or an organisation looking for coaching and mentoring for your executives, employees or team, then I have the expertise, experience and background to help you.

You may be a leader, executive or business owner who wants to lead with courage, impact and influence, whilst avoiding overwhelm and burnout and still being able to enjoy balance, inner peace and wellbeing.

Or you may be a professional who is looking for guidance and inspiration about the next step of your career, or support with securing that next-level position.

Or you may be facing a life or career transition, or health, life or relationship challenges and you'd like an experienced mentor and guide to help you navigate these changes, whilst staying empowered, resilient and optimising your wellbeing.

All of my coaching and mentoring aims to help you to understand and strengthen the connection with your SELF first and foremost.  My approach teaches you to partner with yourself and discover how to master your mind, emotions and energy and release the blocks and blindspots that are keeping you stuck, stopped or limited.

This upgraded awareness will enable you to transcend self-doubt, self-judgement and self-sabotage and develop robust self-worth, self-trust and self-belief.

I also draw upon 25+ years of working with leaders, extensive career and transformational coaching experience and my background as a qualified and experienced wellbeing practitioner to help you discover what energises you and lights you up - so that you can fulfil your purpose and enjoy REAL, embodied satisfaction and wellbeing in all areas of your life.

 MindFlame specialises in:

♦ Career, passion and purpose
♦ Mindset, success and performance
♦ Managing change and transitions
♦ Clarity and confidence
♦ Resilience, stress, trauma and burnout
♦ Mental wellness and emotional freedom
♦ Mental, emotional, energetic, spiritual and physical wellbeing
♦ Transformational leadership and empowered feminine leadership

Each of my Transformational Coaching and Mentoring Packages can be tailored to meet your individual needs.

I offer Executive & Leadership Coaching, Career & Purpose Coaching and Transformational & Wellbeing Coaching.

You can either choose to focus on one area or a combination, depending on the level of support that you require and the coaching and mentoring package that you choose.  All coaching uses The MindFlame MethodTM transformational framework.

Please read the descriptions below for further details of each coaching and mentoring specialism and then explore the three levels of coaching and mentoring support and packages that I offer.

Coaching Specialisms

Executive and Leadership Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching and facilitating leaders, managers and teams to gain clarity, overcome challenges, achieve goals and improve wellbeing, resilience and performance. Helping to create engagement, improved relationships and enhance motivation and productivity at an individual and organisational level.

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Career Coaching & Career Planning

Coaching and mentoring to gain greater self-awareness, discover strengths and skills, generate new ideas and achieve clarity around purpose and direction. Plus teaching clients the mindset and strategies required for success and to deliver a powerful impact.

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Wellbeing, Resilience and Transformational Coaching

Using my signature coaching and mentoring methodology - The MindFlame MethodTM as a transformational framework to uplevel all areas of your life, work and career. Experience more peace, passion and purpose, overcome your challenges, breakthrough limits and improve wellbeing, resilience and confidence. Gain clarity and focus and create an enriched relationship with your SELF and with others.

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MindFlame's Transformational Coaching & Mentoring Packages

IGNITE - for bold breakthroughs (3 months package)


3 months of powerful transformational coaching and mentoring based on your unique needs to help you get clarity, gain confidence, overcome your blocks and develop the strategy to move you forwards to achieve your goals


ILLUMINATE - create next-level upgrades (3-6 months package)


3-6 months of powerful transformational coaching and mentoring to uplevel your inner and outer game, uncover and transcend your blindspots and optimise your strategies for success, wellbeing, fulfilment and thriving.


MASTERY - for ambitious transformations (6-9 months)

A 6-9 month deep dive coaching and mentoring journey.  In-depth, bespoke support to help you transcend your limits and uplevel all areas of your life, work and career. This program will enable you to make huge gains in your inner growth journey, as well as help you to achieve the external levels of success that you desire and deserve.

All coaching and training is underpinned by my unique signature transformational framework, The MindFlame MethodTM. This uses a powerful blend of practical and reflective exercises and insights-based coaching and training to help you achieve the following results and outcomes:

→  I can help you to transcend self-doubt, self-judgement and self-sabotage and cultivate authentic self-worth, self-trust and self-belief.

→  You'll also discover what energises you and lights you up to fulfil your purpose and create real, EMBODIED satisfaction and wellbeing in your life and career.

→  I'll provide insights and strategies to help you HACK YOUR BRAIN, build and strengthen your relationships, avoid burnout and REDUCE THE STRESS in your life and learn how to recognise, heal and regulate your emotional states to create inner peace, power and freedom.


l also use my unique neural repatterning technique - Neural ReimprintingTM which supports your subconscious mind to rewire for confidence and success, plus supports your wellbeing with practices to calm and balance your nervous system and recalibrate your energy so that you can enjoy inner peace and a renewed zest for life.

The MindFlame MethodTM transformational framework brings together an extensive depth and breadth of knowledge and research from different fields and disciplines.

→  These include mindset, positive and developmental psychology, neuroscience & neurobiology, NLP and hypnotherapy, leadership & business, career management, wellbeing and relationship research.

→  It also includes energy psychology principles, nervous system and mind-body regulation and rebalancing practices and neural retraining that enable growth and healing to occur.

→  The method is based on 30+ years of in-depth studies and research - plus insights gained through my own extensive lived experience where I've overcome adversity, learned how to flourish and thrive and created a rich and meaningful life, authentic success and optimal health and wellbeing.

The MindFlame MethodTM facilitates transformation on an individual, organisational and collective level and creates high-impact, informative learning experiences, using a trauma-informed approach.

The method explores root causes and addresses change on multiple levels, rather than just focusing on the cognitive mind.  I'll be helping you make powerful mind-body shifts in self-identity and behaviour to transform who and how you are BEING in the world.

I will help you identify and resolve any blindspots or blocks that are keeping you stuck, stopped and limited. By first resolving and clearing any inner conflicts, we can then work on the strategies that will help you to create optimum success.

By working on both your inner and outer game, you'll be more powerfully in alignment with what you want to create in your life and career.


Depending on the package you choose, we will work together for three to nine months. Our sessions will combine a mixture of coaching and mentoring, plus practical and reflective exercises to help you get the results you want to achieve.

You’ll bring your willingness to be open to the process and to engage with the work, whilst I'll bring my extensive experience and insight, plus encouragement, enthusiasm and support to help you achieve the success you're looking for.


Key benefits can include:

Clarity, Confidence and Mindset

 Greater clarity and a clear sense of purpose and direction

  Feel inspired, reach your full potential and able to use your strengths and talents in what you do

✓  Clear and resolve whatever has been keeping you stuck, stopped and limited

✓  Navigate change and transitions with greater confidence, ease and resilience

✓  Overcome imposter syndrome own and claim your true worth and value and expand your capacity for receiving

  Increase your influence, impact and emotional courage - to lead with authority, integrity and conviction

✓  Transcend self-doubt, self-sabotage and self-judgement - so that self-trust, self-belief and self-confidence become your new best friends and allies!

Career, Productivity and Purpose

✓  Feel fulfilled in your work, successful in business and enjoying your career

✓  Create a strong personal brand and clear positioning of your skills, strengths and experience

✓  Develop a strategic plan to identify and map out desired outcomes for your career or business  

  Take aligned action and achieve your goals (at a personal, professional and organisational level)

✓  Gain improved focus and flow and increased  productivity and performance - stress less and achieve more

Wellbeing, Inner Peace and Presence

✓  Stop self-sacrifice and people-pleasing - develop healthy boundaries and establish clear expectations and agreements

✓  Enhance your wellbeing and create balance without burnout

✓  Regulate your emotions, overcome your challenges, tone down overthinking and feel more joy and ease

✓  Experience greater levels of mental and emotional freedom, inner peace and contentment

✓  Become resilient, embody self-compassion and alignment and protect and nourish your nervous system

✓ Create a strong inner foundation for living, loving and leading to create a fulfilling and satisfying life and career

✓  Feel more authentic - enjoy and experience real connections and communication with your partner, family, friends, colleagues, clients and wider community


Once you've signed up for a coaching package, we'll meet for our initial session to explore what you'd like to focus on. Throughout the coaching I'll be asking you to carry out self-discovery and self-reflection exercises to identify what's currently working well and what areas or issues you'd like to improve and to help you establish your strengths, values and priorities. This information will provide valuable self-awareness. During our first session, we will go into greater depth to explore and clarify your goals for the coaching and mentoring work and establish the outcomes that you'd like to achieve during the course of the programme.

► TRANSFORMATIONAL COACHING AND MENTORING: I'll draw from my extensive depth and breadth of resources to facilitate your coaching, mentoring (and transformational healing sessions where appropriate) and we will unpack the root cause of your challenges and help you clear and resolve them.

My unique signature transformational framework, The MindFlame MethodTM is used to underpin all coaching, mentoring and training.

► INTEGRATION AND IMPLEMENTATION: Having identified, worked through and cleared up multiple levels of conscious and unconscious thoughts, feelings, beliefs and repeating unhelpful or limiting patterns and behaviours it's time to integrate the learning and develop a strategy and plan to help you move forwards and take aligned action to achieve your goals.

► TRANSFORMATIONAL RECORDINGS: Includes optional audio recordings using my unique proprietary neural repatterning technique - Neural ReimprintingTM, which enhances the coaching and helps to promote relaxation and primes your subconscious mind to redirect its focus and rewire for confidence and success, plus supports your wellbeing with practices to calm and balance your nervous system and recalibrate your energy so that you can enjoy inner peace and a renewed zest for life.

► CAREER COACHING CLIENTS - If you wish to sign up solely for Career Coaching then you'll receive my Career Evaluation Questionnaire and Strengths Assessments, plus bespoke career coaching materials to support you in your career change or career development process.


Career Coaching and Mentoring Packages

Please see my Career & Purpose Coaching Page for details of packages if you are solely looking for career coaching support.

VIP Coaching Days

Maybe you're facing a significant challenge or transition in your life, work or business, or you're ready to make key changes NOW.

The VIP coaching option allows you to work in a focused way in a short period of time to provide fast and sustainable solutions and results.

My VIP coaching packages offer 1-2 days (full or half day sessions as required) of personal 1:1 laser-focused coaching and mentoring DEDICATED ENTIRELY TO YOU where I will support you to get rapid transformational results in any areas of your life, work and career.

This can cover any areas of your life, career, relationships and wellbeing where you want to make significant progress in a short period of time. VIP Days can either be in-person or via Zoom or Skype.

Please CONTACT ME for further details if you're interested in this option and we can scope out the format that will work best to achieve your desired outcomes.

All coaching and mentoring services can be delivered via phone, Zoom or Skype coaching and I work with UK and international clients.

Why Work With Me?

►  I'm a multi-certified Career, Executive and Leadership Coach, Master Transformation and Self-Belief Coach and Careers Professional with over 25 years experience of coaching and mentoring. I'm a Mindset, Wellbeing and Careers expert, experienced Consultant and Trainer and have been involved in personal, professional and organisational growth and development for over 30 years please see my training and credentials for further details of my experience.

► I have blended this extensive depth and breadth of experience into my signature coaching and mentoring methodology - The MindFlame MethodTM - a transformational framework that I use to help you breakthrough limits, fast-track your success and rapidly get the desired results and outcomes that you want in your life, work and business. The Method includes my unique proprietary neural repatterning technique - Neural ReimprintingTM to rewire your subconscious mind for confidence and success, plus wellbeing and embodiment practices to calm your nervous system and recalibrate your energy so that you can enjoy inner peace and a renewed zest for life.

► My background includes extensive business and professional experience and I've worked with thousands of individuals, groups and organisations, helping clients to develop their potential, achieve success and supporting people through career, personal and professional transitions.

► As well as extensive coaching credentials gained across more than two decades of coaching experience, I hold a Masters Degree (MSc) in Information Systems, a Degree in Business (BCom), a Postgraduate Diploma in Careers Counselling and Guidance and I'm also a qualified Master NLP Practitioner and MBTI (Myers Briggs Personality Type). I'm also an experienced Wellbeing Practitioner, trained in mindfulness, meditation and multiple therapeutic and healing modalities and mind-body and energetic approaches to support and promote wellbeing.  All of my work is trauma-informed. I aim to provide a safe, powerful, supportive and collaborative space to help you achieve your desired outcomes.

► Over the course of my career, I've coached and worked with clients at every level, from senior managers and board level executives, to career changers, mothers returning to work and trying to juggle work-life balance and graduates looking to enter the job market or progress within their career.  I love helping my clients to create positive changes in all areas of their life, work, business and career.

Next Steps

I offer either a pure Career Coaching Package, a VIP package or three levels of Transformational Coaching & Mentoring packages which allow you to combine Transformational, Executive & Career Coaching to gain support across all areas of your life, work and career.

Please read through the descriptions of what is included in each package. If you're unsure which level of support you need, or would like to connect to establish if there's good rapport between us and explore if I am the right coach for you, then please schedule a free 30 minute clarity call with me.

Visit our Consulting pages if you would like to work with an experienced Consultant to support you with your organisation's strategy and development needs.

Visit our Training and Development pages for further details of masterclasses, workshops and training and development that I offer.

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