The MindFLAME MethodTM combines 30+ years of expertise and experience into a pioneering and integrated transformational framework.



The MindFlame MethodTM uses a powerful blend of practical and reflective exercises and insights-based coaching and training.

The framework brings together an extensive depth and breadth of knowledge and research from different fields and disciplines.

→  These include mindset, career development, systems thinking, positive and developmental psychology, neuroscience & neurobiology, NLP and hypnotherapy, leadership & business, wellbeing, resilience and relationship research.

→  It also includes energy psychology principles, nervous system and mind-body regulation and rebalancing practices and neural retraining that enable growth and healing to occur.

→  The method is based on 30+ years of in-depth studies and research - plus insights gained through my own extensive lived experience where I've overcome adversity and learned how to flourish, thrive and create optimal health and wellbeing and also helped thousands of clients to achieve success and enjoy increased satisfaction in life and career.


The MindFlame MethodTM facilitates change and transformation on an individual, organisational and collective level and creates high-impact, informative learning experiences, using a trauma-informed and systems thinking approach.

The method explores root causes and addresses change on multiple levels, rather than just focusing on the cognitive mind.

I also use my neural repatterning technique - Neural ReimprintingTM which primes your subconscious mind for confidence and success, plus supports your wellbeing with practices to calm and balance your nervous system and recalibrate your energy so that you can enjoy inner peace and a renewed zest for life.


True transformation requires change at the level of self-identity and what you believe is possible, plus optimising behaviour and neurobiology to create powerful shifts in who and how you are BEING in the world. It's important to create a healed, aligned and integrated self so that you can live, lead, love and SHOW UP for yourself and others and create your life and the results you desire from this upgraded perspective in a real, embodied way.


★ I help people to find out what motivates, inspires and lights them up (their ‘inner flame’) and also what fuels and sustains them.

Discovering and igniting this inner spark and sources of personal motivation creates powerful enablers and drivers for change.

Providing clarity

Finding out what truly matters? And why does it matter? Helping you to achieve integration and alignment and identify current and future goals, purpose and direction. Enabling people to identify strategies to move forwards and achieve the results that they want in their careers, business, health, relationships and lives.

★ Reviewing Mindset, Beliefs & State of Mind

Ensuring that the mind-body, lifestyle, relationships and other factors are all in balance to create a great inner and outer environment. Reviewing this at individual and organisational level to ensure that there are the best possible conditions for growth, performance and thriving.

Working with people to develop their ‘inner game’

Pinpoint why any issues, problems or obstacles are occurring that need to be addressed. Helping individuals and teams to identify blindspots, overcome any areas of their life, business or work where they feel stuck, face difficulty or conflict and would like support and mentoring to shift and resolve unhelpful patterns of thinking or reacting and any unproductive or limiting beliefs or behaviours.

Developing confidence & competence.

Empowering people - providing tools, know-how and practical support to create the desired results in work and life. Coaching and teaching you to develop successful habits and tap into your own wisdom and innate health and insight.

Taking action!

Not just 'knowing' all of this but helping you get out and try it - even if that means being 'perfectly imperfect'!  Identifying your goals and breaking the process down into incremental steps, then taking consistent and aligned action to deliver powerful results.

Monitoring performance and feedback

Seeking ongoing opportunities for growth and improvement and ultimately, helping you to achieve 'Mastery' a way that is meaningful for you or your organisation.

Expert coaching and mentoring for success

Using my unique, paradigm-shifting coaching and mentoring methodology and transformational framework
- The MindFlame MethodTM - will help you to breakthrough limits, fast-track your success and rapidly get the desired results and outcomes that you want in your life, work and business.


My expertise lies in supporting personal and professional growth, plus life, career and organisational transformation. I'll help you, or your employees to achieve mind + emotional + career & business mastery and enhanced satisfaction and wellbeing.


Through my work with thousands of individual clients and an extensive variety of organisations and groups, I know that many people want to feel more inspired and engaged by what they do and to experience a greater sense of fulfilment and connection in their work, relationships and personal and professional lives.


This requires allowing space to hear our intuition (which can help our inner wisdom and personal 'truth' to arise) - as well as relying on analysis and logic. It includes tuning into the wisdom and insights available from both our mind AND body, as well as our heads AND hearts.


In order to feel authentic and able to fulfil our biggest potential in life and work, it's important to embrace ALL aspects of ourselves.

It's noticeable that when successful people are engaged in states of 'flow' or are 'in the zone', that's when they often have greater access to their intuition and inner genius.  One of the key principles of The MindFlame MethodTM is to uncover your zone of genius and 'sweet spot' of unique talents and strengths, plus your own recipe for thriving and 'flow' and resolve any blocks or constraints that are inhibiting this. 

inside_outIf we want to feel balanced, energised and be more productive, we need to understand our purpose (the Why? behind what we're doing) - to drive our goals and desires forward and also root our actions in what will create the greatest level of alignment, coherence and integrity at an individual and organisational level.

That means companies not just focusing on the short term or the bottom line, but building an organisation where their employees are able to truly shine and thrive - which positively impacts engagement, wellbeing, productivity and performance for employees and management.

We also need to develop greater self-awareness of the mind-body connection and what they need to work in harmony together, plus understand how our mind and thinking works - and how we form and shape our beliefs and perceptions which influences our behaviour towards ourselves, others and the world.


We can then transform and influence what is ineffective or no longer working for us to achieve the results and outcomes that we desire. 

If we adopt more of an 'inside-out' approach to life and use this to shift our perspective and shape how we live, we can tap into our innate health and wisdom, engage our strengths and passions and feel we're able to make a true a difference through our lives, work and purpose. By being intentional about WHO and HOW we are 'BEING' in the world we can achieve the following:

Truly 'LIVE' and THRIVE - versus surviving, existing and striving

A life DESIGNED by us - versus a default life/habits and disappointing results

A feeling of flow and freedom - versus feeling stuck, blocked and captive

Devotion and delight - versus harsh discipline and 'pushing through', yet feeling drained and resentful

Progress and purpose - versus procrastination and an exhausting, never-ending quest for 'perfection'


Impact / Results:

  • Increased feeling of well-being and a healthy work-life balance.
  • Improved clarity, performance and focus, as well as peace of mind.
  • Develop a strong sense of purpose and connection to what you do.
  • Create a stronger sense of self and authenticity in all areas of life.
  • Generate more ease, flow and grace in the process of doing, creating and living. We're often so busy caught up in the demands of modern life that we end up neglecting the 'being' aspect of who we are - which can lead to burnout, frustration and empty, unsatisfying lives.
  • That's why I also place such importance on RELATIONSHIPS - helping people to improve and enhance communication with one another and to create and enjoy authentic, meaningful connections - in their work, partnerships, friendships and in their physical and virtual communities.

I enjoy making the process of learning, change and growth as FUN and interesting as possible.

My methods and approaches are tried and tested, grounded in science and research - combined with timeless wisdom and energy-based practices which I've developed over 30 years of experience and learning but that doesn't mean it has to all be SO serious.

I bring an attitude of play, curiosity and humour to our work together. Exploring growth and change - especially where it involves overcoming challenging or traumatic experiences can often bring up a lot of resistance but you can rest in safe hands that I'll help you to achieve and deliver noticeable results and make the process as enjoyable and safe as possible - learning and change are often more effective and less daunting that way.

My focus is on empowerment - giving you tools, knowledge, practice and inspiration and providing you with insights and perspectives that help you to make the changes and improvements that you desire - and gain real results - fast.

'Tell me, what is it that you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?'

- Mary Oliver


We only get this one wild and precious life - I want to help you to thrive and enjoy meaningful success in your life, work and business - not to put off living and enjoying your best life, in all of its aspects.  So why not start this moment?

Please note - my coaching, training and mentoring is bespoke and designed to support each individual or group to achieve their goals, create powerful shifts and help you achieve lasting and transformational change.

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