Success Visualisation

The reason that this technique is so powerful is that when you visualize already having the things that you want in your life – as if they’re happening NOW – and combine this visualisation with feeling the elevated emotions that you’ll experience when you’re living life from that state – you’re then more likely to draw these things into your physical world and experience as well. By placing your attention on this then you’re increasing the likelihood and potential that these things WILL happen in the future.

Your unconscious mind can’t tell the difference between what’s real and what’s imagined and it will follow whatever instructions that you give it.  Your unconscious mind will focus on and work with whatever fuel that you provide it with – that’s where you place your attention.  When you focus on what’s WRONG and not working in your life – then you’re likely to attract more of the same as that’s where you’re placing your attention.

By focusing on what WILL provide you with greater joy, genuine fulfilment and meaning and create authentic success and wellbeing, then you’re sowing a seed within your unconscious mind and asking it to focus on that – instead of what’s NOT working.

By regularly revisiting and repeating your visualisation on a daily basis, you’re more likely to draw this vision into your physical reality and this will then become your new ‘normal’ state of being.

For instance, if you visualize yourself running a marathon and constantly see and experience yourself crossing the finish line, it’s then more likely that you will actually cross the finish line if you do run an actual marathon. If you visualise yourself eating healthy and exercising so that you feel vital, healthy and energised, then you’ll get your mind on board with the process and it’s then likely to want to do exercise and eat healthily, rather than putting up any resistance.

Successful atheletes and performers use this process all of the time as they practice winning their best race or giving their best performance, over and over in their mind’s eye – before they then go ahead and achieve that in real life as well.

When you visualize future episodes of your life you activate the same brain regions as when you’re thinking about past episodes. This then becomes the normal that your mind then focuses on attaining – rather than it’s focus being on reliving all of those past episodes.

If you want to try this for yourself, you can create your own success visualisation practice:

First, imagine and tune into – what do you want your life to look like and feel like? Then write out in detail – what would an ideal day would look like for you?

  • WHERE would you be working?
  • WHO would you be working with?
  • WHAT kinds of projects or activities are you involved with?
  • What BALANCE and RANGE of activities are you involved with?

Feel into who you’re BEING (how you’re feeling, how you’re experiencing yourself, life and others, how you’re behaving and thinking) – as well as what you’re DOING (your actions and activities).

  • What does your life look and feel like outside of work as well?
  • Provide your mind with instructions in as much detail and vivid imagery as possible and feel the elevated emotions and positive feelings that you’ll experience when you’re living from this state.
  • Keep reading and visualising your desired ‘future you’ on a daily basis
  • When you’re doing this exercise – Imagine it as if it’s happening NOW – not in the future, as this will give your mind instructions to pull you towards creating that vision in your real life as well.
  • Try to regularly tune into your vision throughout the day and take a moment to visualise yourself in that new version of yourself and feeling those elevated emotions.  Smile, savour and enjoy the experience and repeat this several times a day.
  • Maybe even set up some healthy habits around this so that it becomes an automatic behaviour – maybe set a timer on your watch or phone to alert you several times a day to pause for 3-5 minutes and tune into your success visualisation.
  • Or create a ritual where you focus on this first thing in the morning, last thing at night or in the shower, while walking the dog or before you start or finish a particular activity.
  • The more you repeat this action on a regular basis the more it becomes automatic and you’re literally sowing and tending the ‘garden’ of your mind with the reality that you want to create and bringing more and more of that into your physical world each day.
  • Lastly – practice GRATITUDE.  Give thanks for having these things, people and experiences in your life BEFORE they actually arrive.  It’s like a radio signal – you’re tuning your energy to be in alignment with having those things in your life already and moving towards this being the normal way of living and being for you. Living and being in a state of gratitude (rather than a state of resistance to what we don’t like in our life) – is the ‘ultimate state of receivership’ to receive good things into our life….