Leadership Training

MindFlamea0744d-01Learn the keys to developing courage, confidence and authenticity as a leader - plus ways to improve impact, resilience and performance in your work, life and business.

  • This course is highly adaptable and can be delivered in a range of formats and timeframes - over several days, as separate sessions or selected topics can also be delivered in a single focused workshop.
  • The programme includes an exciting blend of topics and disciplines and each course is designed with a mixture of practical and reflective exercises, group discussions and formal training to provide a highly engaging and interactive learning experience.
  • There will plenty of opportunities to discover how to apply this learning back into your real-life and workplace. Follow-up support is available if required to further integrate the learning and we can provide coaching, guidance and mentoring to individuals or teams.
  • We include the latest research and insights, plus practical exercises and techniques from leadership development, positive psychology, motivational and behavioural science, neuroscience, NLP and strengths coaching.
  • We also explore the science behind happiness, incorporating mindfulness, energy management and transformational coaching practices to help you boost your resilience and wellbeing.  Finally, we'll help you to learn more about emotional intelligence and the mindset and actions required to build successful relationships and improve collaboration and communication with your colleagues, employees, team members and clients.

The Motivational Leadership Programme can be adapted to suit the needs of the participants and the duration of time available. Typical topics include:

  • Mindset and state of mind - the benefits of a growth mindset and how to optimise your state of mind to gain clarity, achieve your goals and access a calm and peaceful mind.
  • dreamstime_s_46904431Purpose and meaning - the importance of having a clear sense of purpose (the whybehind what you do) to drive you forwards, sustain commitment and ensure that your work feels meaningful and engaging.
  • Confidence and competence - tools and practices to help you to develop confidence and competence and achieve 'mastery' in a way that is meaningful for you - plus 'confidence robbers' and how to overcome them.
  • Emotional courage - why it's essential to cultivate emotional courage for effective leadership - (and practical ways to help you develop this).
  • Authenticity - what is it and why do we need it in order to lead others effectively? Plus steps you can take to test this out and become bolder and braver in your interactions with others!
  • Strengths - uncover your strengths and learn how to utilise these in your work and leadership to achieve maximum impact and performance.
  • Emotional intelligence - what is it, how you can develop it and why most successful leaders score highly in this area.
  • The art of conscious communication - how to build engagement, collaboration, commitment and trust. This will enable you to create enhanced relationships with your team, employees, colleagues, clients and other people in all areas of life.
  • Productivity and focus - how to minimise distractions and create more 'flow' in your life. How to get things done and accomplish more in less time and perform under pressure with an increased sense of grace and ease.
  • Resilience and Grit - how to thrive and survive in challenging times. Plus ways to become 'grittier' to sustain you when the going gets tough!
  • Maintaining and enhancing your wellbeing - the importance of a good work-life balance and practices to support you develop a calmer mind, increased satisfaction and enjoyment and healthier lifestyle.