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At MindFlame, we provide Coaching, Training, Consulting and Mentoring for Individuals, Organisations and Leaders.

mindflameWe offer you fresh, practical insights and perspectives, enabling you to create meaningful changes in your career, relationships, mindset and wellbeing to bring lasting transformation in your life, work and business.

We'll help you to gain clarity and growth and attain real satisfaction as well as success.

Our mission is to help you to achieve your goals and to experience more peace, passion & purpose in ALL areas of life.

Key Areas of Specialism:

sad_to_happy♦ Career, passion and purpose
♦ Mindset, productivity and performance
♦ Inspiring leadership / Women in leadership

♦ Resilience and stress management
♦ Emotional intelligence
♦ Confidence building
♦ Employee engagement
♦ Personal and professional transitions
♦ Relationships and effective communication
♦ Creating balanced lifestyle, healthy mind-body-spirit and wellbeing

We focus on raising awareness and helping you to create and enjoy real relationships, real confidence and achieve real, tangible results - yes, you've noticed, we're all about keeping it REAL around here!

We'll help you to experience:

  Greater clarity about your life - a clear sense of purpose and direction

  Know your value and contribution - that you make a difference in the world

  Feel inspired and able to use your strengths and talents through what you do

  Be fulfilled by your work and enjoy your career

  Gain improved productivity and performance

  Identify and achieve your goals - at a personal / organisational level

  Achieve clear alignment of company and employee motivations and values

  Enhance your wellbeing and create a positive work-life balance

  Feel more authentic and able to enjoy and experience real connections and communication with your partner, family, friends, colleagues, clients and wider community

We focus on both your inner flame - finding out what motivates and inspires you (lights you up) and also your inner game (mindset, beliefs and establishing the optimum conditions for you to flourish) - as well as the external factors that are crucial for achieving confidence and success at a personal and professional level.

Training & Development

We help businesses and organisations to develop the skills and talents of their leaders and employees through training that's engaging and relevant to real life and work.

Including practical exercises, insights and research from positive psychology, neuroscience, NLP, leadership development and wellbeing to create interactive and enjoyable learning experiences.

Our Courses

Courses include:
- Resilience & Wellbeing
- Growth & Success Mindset
- Emotional Intelligence
- Confidence & Purpose
- Relationships & Communication
- Career Management
- Transformational Leadership
- Women's Leadership
and more.

We can adapt & design bespoke courses to suit your specific needs.
See Training & Development.


Career, Executive and Transformational Coaching, specialising in careers, mindset, relationships and wellbeing and personal, professional and organisational development.

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Training & Facilitating organisations, teams and individuals to develop their strengths, clarify vision and purpose and create enhanced performance, engagement and wellbeing in life & work.

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Consulting, Mentoring and Facilitation to help clients achieve their goals, overcome challenges and limits, develop insight and awareness and adopt new perspectives to create lasting change.

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"Don't ask what the world needs.  Ask what makes you come alive, and go and do it.  Because what the world needs is people who have come alive."   – Howard Thurman

Interested? Ready to find out more?

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Visit our Consulting pages if you would like to work with an experienced Consultant to support you with your Organisation’s Strategic and Development needs.

Visit our Training and Development pages for further information on the types of Training, Development and Facilitation that we can offer.

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