Mindset Mastery for Success and Performance



Mindset Mastery for Success and Performance (can be delivered in person or online - as a half day or one day course)

  • Come and join us for this informative and interactive training that will help you to learn more about the fascinating subject of ‘mindset’ – and how the beliefs and attitudes that you hold about yourself will determine how you progress through life and the outcomes that you’re able to achieve.
  • In this programme we will expand upon the fascinating research carried out by Professor Carol Dweck from Stanford University, whose work has uncovered the ways in which a fixed or growth mindset can determine how you perceive and experience life and how this influences success and performance at every level.
  • This programme will also include insights from neuroscience, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), strengths coaching and additionally, we'll explore a deceptively simple, yet powerful understanding of how we create our experience of life from the 'inside-out' and how we have an opportunity to shape and influence this.
  • Once we gain a better understanding and appreciation for how our mind and thinking works, we can see how our mindset, beliefs and state of mind impacts every area of our lives, from our relationships, to how we engage with our children, to how successful we are in our work and careers. Through developing this awareness and understanding, we can also evaluate what's no longer effective for us and have the opportunity to make changes where we'd like to achieve different results in our lives.
  • The programme also draws upon emotional intelligence, mindfulness and a range of wellbeing practices which are useful for helping to calm the mind and provide greater clarity and perspective. This can assist with decision-making, aid conflict resolution, improves productivity and performance and enhances resilience and wellbeing.
  • The course is designed to help you consider how to apply these teachings in your everyday life and look at how to get your mindset working effectively for you, plus provide you with tools to cultivate an optimal state of mind in order to get the results that you want in your life and work.

In this course you’ll learn how to:

  • Explore what IS a mindset, how is it created and discover where mindsets operate in each aspect of our lives.
  • Identify the differences between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset
  • Assess your own mindset and how this may vary across different areas of your life
  • Consider how the mind works and how to engage it effectively - rather than letting it 'run' you
  • We'll explore the nature of 'thought' and how our thinking works, plus consider how mindfulness and other wellbeing practices can help to calm the mind and improve productivity and performance and increase your resilience and wellbeing
  • Evaluate the role of emotions and feelings and emotional intelligence and how to work with your emotions effectively, rather than letting them 'hijack' you or trying to ignore them, suppress them or 'get rid of' them
  • The importance of a clear purpose and cultivating ‘grit’ and resilience to achieve states of flow and peak performance - as well as sustain you when the going gets tough
  • Explore how to set yourself up for success by creating healthy boundaries with what and who you give your focus to, plus learn how to create habits and environments that will support you
  • Develop an action plan for moving forwards and creating more opportunities for growth and learning in your career and life