Coming Soon – The MindFlame Wellbeing & Wisdom Academy!

I'm excited to announce that in Autumn 2022 I'll be launching the MindFlame Wellbeing & Wisdom AcademyTM (WWA) - a 6-month holistic personal and professional development journey and transformational Life Mastery Programme to help you uplevel your life, work and career on all levels - and enable you learn how to flourish, thrive and achieve inner and outer success on your terms.

This will be 'school' like you never knew it! - yet these subjects, life skills and deeper knowledge that's needed to truly become and live as a well 'BEING' (not just a human 'doing') are usually not taught as part of the normal school curriculum.  If we're lucky we may have had wise mentors, elders and peers who have offered guidance and wisdom and helped us grow and navigate life with the benefit of their expanded knowledge and lived experience.  Yet often this doesn't happen.

Our societies have largely lost the 'rites of passage' and mentors and elders to help teach and initiate us on the path from youth to adult and facilitate healthy human development both horizonally (by accruing skills and achievements) and vertically (to help us reach and evolve into healthy adults and develop psychological maturity). So this programmme has been designed with evidence-based content and expert coaching and mentoring, developed from 30+ years of my extensive, in-depth learning and research, plus wisdom gained from my own life and my work with thousands of clients.  It's aimed to help you create a career and life that you love and become the most fulfilled and authentic version of you.

If you're tired of feeling overwhelmed and stuck, stopped and limited, without knowing where to turn or how to move forwards, then this life-changing programme has been designed for you.  It is underpinned by my proven transformational framework, The MindFlame MethodTM and will help to fast-track your success and save you years of frustration and wasted money spent on inefficient or partial solutions, as well as missed life and career opportunities.  It will also help you to develop healthy boundaries and a deep and loving connection with your SELF as the primary basis for all of your other relationships with life and other people.

The aim of the Wellbeing & Wisdom AcademyTM is not just to give you more 'knowledge' and learned 'concepts' - that are interesting to 'know' yet you don't end up applying the learning to create real results in your life.  Instead, I want to help you to actually create powerful transformational changes and wellness at the deepest level of your BEING and allow you to access and apply true and timeless WISDOM.

I want to help you not just SURVIVE the challenging times that we're living in but learn how to flourish and THRIVE and create genuine inner and outer success and wellbeing.




"The quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgement; the quality of being wise"

"The ability to apply relevant knowledge in an insightful way, especially to different situations from that in which the knowledge was gained"


"We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking we used when we created them"

Albert Einstein


The MindFlame Wellbeing & Wisdom AcademyTM Programme covers 4 main areas:

Includes mind + emotional mastery, healing our inner wounds and uplevelling mindset, beliefs and default fear and survival-based patterns and behaviours in order to empower ourselves for thriving.  Learn how to self-partner and illuminate, transform and integrate our shadow-selves in order to cultivate self-trust, self-acceptance, self-worth, self-connection and self-belief

Includes creating optimum wellbeing and establishing environments, habits and routines for thriving.  Create clear agreements, healthy boundaries and a sense of belonging and connection in our relationships with life and others

ncludes creating meaning & purpose, brand & visibility, career management, networking, authentic leadership, flow & productivity and taking aligned action

Attain greater levels of inner peace, manage your energy, align with source energy and uncover your true nature and true self beyond the conditioned ego-driven 'survival' mind. End the constant need to 'seek' outside of yourself, become self-actualised and enjoy both inner and outer fulfillment



Each theme will include teaching about the key insights and concepts for each topic or module, plus practical techniques and reflective exercises using my unique and powerful transformational framework The MindFlame MethodTM which brings together an extensive depth and breadth of knowledge and research from different fields and disciplines.

These include mindset, positive and developmental psychology, neuroscience & neurobiology, NLP and hypnotherapy, leadership, career management, wellbeing and relationship research.

It also includes modern and ancient energy psychology principles, nervous system and mind-body regulation and rebalancing practices and neural retraining that enable growth and healing to occur.

The MindFlame MethodTM
 facilitates change and transformation on an individual, organisational and collective level and creates high-impact, informative learning experiences, using a trauma-informed approach.

The method explores root causes and addresses change on multiple levels, rather than just focusing on the cognitive mind.

True transformation requires change at the level of identity, self-concept, behaviour and neurobiology to create powerful shifts in who and how you are BEING in the world. It's important to create a healed, aligned and integrated self so that you can live, lead, love and SHOW UP for yourself and others and create your life and the results you desire from this upgraded perspective in a real, embodied way.



The 6-month syllabus for the Wellbeing & Wisdom AcademyTM covers all 4 areas of SELF-MASTERY, LIFE-MASTERY, CAREER & BUSINESS MASTERY and SOUL MASTERY - or each theme can be subscribed to as an individual unit which can be purchased and taken separately.

The full syllabus will be offered as a 6-month group programme, where there will be access to Q&A and a community platform for participants going through the programme together.

Once you sign up to the programme, you'll have access to the course materials and all of the trainings and additional resources will be available for 12-months to give you time to complete and revisit the programme or catch-up on areas you missed or want to go into greater depth with.

The 12-months limited access will provide the incentive and focus to complete the course in the time available and avoids attention 'drift' or the risk of you purchasing the course and leaving it sitting unopened for years as your life gets filled up with other priorities and distractions.


The MindFlame Wellbeing & Wisdom AcademyTM is a culmination of my life's work. I will be bringing together the key insights and concepts that I believe can create the most powerful paradigm shifts and transformation that I've learnt and developed over the course of 30+ years of extensive studies, training and research.  I've also trialled, tested and applied these techniques, insights and concepts in my own life, as well as in my coaching, mentoring and training with thousands of individual clients and groups, teams and organisations.  So I know that this really WORKS and will help you to create transformational changes, powerful impacts and results in a sustainable way.


I'm really passionate about teaching this programme as it will allow participants to gain deep levels of self-awareness, self-connection and self-worth and create changes that will help them fast-track their journey of growth and learning to achieve genuine wellbeing, meaning, purpose and authentic success.

If you are interested, please sign up HERE for the waitlist and I will send you further details as soon as the programme dates and content has been finalised.