Coaching Overview

Are you ready to create some positive changes? Then I'd love to help you.

MindFlame can offer comprehensive support to meet all of your coaching and mentoring needs.  If you are an an individual looking for professional or personal coaching, or an organisation looking for coaching and mentoring for your executives, employees or team, then I have the expertise, experience and background to help you.

I'll help you to transcend self-doubt, self-judgement and self-sabotage and develop self-worth, self-trust and self-belief. Plus I'll help you discover what energises you and lights you up - to fulfil your purpose and enjoy REAL, embodied satisfaction and wellbeing.

 MindFlame specialises in:

♦ Career, passion and purpose
♦ Mindset, success and performance
♦ Managing change and transitions
♦ Clarity and confidence
♦ Resilience, stress and burnout
♦ Nervous system and mind-body healing
♦ Mental, emotional, energetic, spiritual and physical wellbeing
♦ Transformational leadership and Women's leadership

Executive and Leadership Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching and facilitating leaders, managers and teams to gain clarity, overcome challenges, achieve goals and improve wellbeing, resilience and performance. Helping to create engagement, improved relationships and enhance motivation and productivity at an individual and organisational level.

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Career Coaching & Career Planning

Coaching and mentoring to gain greater self-awareness, discover strengths and skills, generate new ideas and achieve clarity around purpose and direction. Plus teaching clients the mindset and strategies required for success and to deliver a powerful impact.

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Life Transformation Packages - Coaching, Mentoring & Healing

Using my signature coaching and mentoring methodology - The MindFlame MethodTM as a transformational framework to uplevel all areas of your life, work and career. Experience more peace, passion and purpose, overcome your challenges, breakthrough limits and improve wellbeing, resilience and confidence. Gain clarity and focus and create an enriched relationship with your SELF and with others.

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All coaching and mentoring services can be delivered via phone, Zoom or Skype coaching or face to face and I work with UK and international clients.

Why Work With Me?

►  I'm a multi-certified Career, Executive and Leadership Coach, Master Transformation and Self-Belief Coach and Careers Professional with over 25 years experience of coaching and mentoring. I'm a Mindset, Wellbeing and Careers expert, experienced Consultant and Trainer and have been involved in personal, professional and organisational growth and development for over 30 years.

► I have blended this extensive depth and breadth of experience into my signature coaching and mentoring methodology - The MindFlame MethodTM - a transformational framework that I use to help you breakthrough limits, fast-track your success and rapidly get the desired results and outcomes that you want in your life, work and business.

► My background includes extensive business and professional experience and I've worked with thousands of individuals, groups and organisations, helping clients to develop their potential, achieve success and supporting people through career, personal and professional transitions.

► I hold an MSc in Information Systems, a Degree in Business (BCom), a Postgraduate Diploma in Careers Counselling and Guidance and I'm also a qualified Master NLP Practitioner and MBTI (Myers Briggs Personality Type) and experienced Wellbeing Practitioner.

► I've coached and worked with clients at every level, from senior managers and board level executives, to career changers, mothers returning to work and trying to juggle work-life balance and graduates looking to enter the job market or progress within their career.  I love helping my clients to create positive changes in all areas of their life, work and career.

If you'd like to find out more about MindFlame's other Services:

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